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An initial answer to the CmmiVsXp question is provided in this FAQ:

This sure will make for an interesting conversation. Dominic is right- getting to know the background of your needs and requirements as well as end objectives would help guide this conversation.

As starters, the XP world per se is totally open to the tenets of CMM. XP is about change; CMM says preempt and document change!; XP is about being flexible to adapt to the needs of the situation and attendant problem; CMM says.....change the situation to fit into the 'defined processes'

Be open to change; be flexible and agile to the needs of the business and don't let the means bog down the end objective...that's XP. You could choose the size of the suit that fits you best....

I have been sneered at; jeered at CMM conferences in as much as mentioning the word XP. You will not be laughed at even if you are a 'CMM-5' aspirant

CMM has a better marketing/sales fizz around it--the XP world has to catch on. Working for and heading consulting organizations, I have had to resort to 'CMM level' bs to get clients' buy in...I feel guilty...but I have to get the 'greens'

I got a bit of XP implemented even in a DW project (4 mills and 25 people)...split up the project teams according to functional areas and datamart by datamart we could do XP...defying some common perceptions about small teams....all in one room concept...that was a victory for agility; defiance and spirit of change...did I say change/experiment/evolve...are part of my tryst with XP!

I am supremely lucky to find a client that appreciates the XP values...we are XPing? our own unique ways...even while we are shores apart (XP is not possible across offices!! about change/experiment/evolve)

I am happy to save my organization 30k + USD on CMM certification process (consulting et al); we do follow processes; we do document what is necessary; we do review...all the time ...not for the sake of it...but for the need

Don't pass this email to a CMM aficionado...there'd be a 'wanted' poster out there!

And welcome aboard !!


As an organization with a CMM Level 3 assessment and XP-inspired practices in the development organization, there is some confusion in this thread.

  1. CMMi? is the current assessment model, not CMM
  2. CMMi? is about the work processes and their artifacts to assess the maturity of the performing organization, not about the method used to develop software.
  3. SEI is not "vendor" of CMMi?. There are commercial assessment process providers.
  4. Mapping CMMi? process areas (PA) to XP work processes has been done. Both SEI and other source have papers on this topic.

In the end XP is a "work process" for developing software. CMMi? is a framework for assessing the effectiveness of this and many other work processes. A quick list of these processes includes:

XP process can be found in each of these process areas. BUT reversing the search - finding CMMi? in XP is not recommended, since many gaps will appear. Our success has been to NOT say XP is CMMi? compliant, but that XP is a software development process to deliver the technical solution. That way we don't get into the philosophical issues, and focus on the macro-level delivery processes, of which XP is but one important part.

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