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Meeting Information & Location

XP San Diego meets the first Thursday of each month to informally discuss and exchange ideas. We feel we learn best from our peers, the merely curious, active practitioners, as well as experienced consultants, when they share their skills, knowledge, concerns and experiences. We encourage everyone to participate in our monthly forums and learn something new.

XP San Diego is looking for a new home! If you can volunteer a couple of extra hours after work once a month, have a centrally located office and are willing to host about 20 people, we should get in touch. In the meantime, see our mailing list ( for more information on our meeting location.

December 4, 2008

Charting the Agile Transition - CarltonNettleton

These days people are spending a lot time and effort investigating Agile software development practices. Unfortunately, not much guidance is provided on what areas of the enterprise need focus first when planning an Agile initiative. Where do we start? Planning, teamwork, communication, quality, engineering practices, the people or some combination of these? In addition, how can senior leadership and executive sponsors monitor the Agile initiative? Using tools derived from LeanSixSigma, Carlton Nettleton will lead participants through a series of exercises on how to gather the VoiceOfTheCustomer (VOC) and translate the VOC into CriticalToQuality (CTQ) requirements which are crucial for your enterprise to be successful with their Agile transition. Finally, we will construct a scorecard to monitor progress and keep your Agile transition on-track. This will be an interactive workshop, so come prepared to participate and share.

CarltonNettleton is an independent software consultant providing mentoring and training for organizations wishing to promote innovation and produce higher quality products by encouraging collaborations between customers, business leaders and engineers. You can read more about Carlton and his thoughts surrounding Agile, Scrum and XP at his blog "Crouch, touch, pause...engage" ( He has been a leader in the San Diego Agile software development community since forming XPSD in 2002 and has been Certified ScrumMaster since 2005.

January 1, 2009

NO XPSD on this day - enjoy the New Year!

We are planning on having a speaker or a social event the following week (Jan 8th). Come back soon to see our plans.

February 5, 2009



Please share your ideas on what you would like to see at XPSD...

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