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First some etiquette. The following sites have some excellent rules to keep bad behaviour away: Now the fun stuff!

A wiki is a collaborative tool

The general flow of how information gets on a page goes something like this:

I write some ideas onto a wiki page

You read the page and annotate it with your ideas and comments

I read your comments and change my original ideas

You realize that a section of the discussion should be on a new page. You create a new Wiki page and move the content to the new page

Someone else realizes that yet another page has related content. They create a link to the page.

and so on...

All of the above actions are very easy to do. The web pages eventually self-organize into an informative and flexible web of ideas. ---- Here's a short tutorial for using wiki:

Create a page
Follow a link

That's it! You've created a page for all the world to see and have done in it just a few seconds. Wiki's are very simple to use but usually have some advanced formatting capabilities:

Make a list You should see a bulleted list of one item edit your page again and add more lines with asterisks (don't forget the leading spaces) save your changes You should see all of your new items in a nicely formatted bulleted list

Make an ordered list
  1. follow the same procedure as you did for lists above, except use a 1 (one) instead of an asterisk
  2. You should see your new items nicely formatted with consequtive numbers in front of them (i.e. like this list)

  1. The
    1. ordered
    2. lists
      1. eventually
      2. repeat
        1. the kind
        2. of numbering
          1. they do.
          2. You can
            • mix
            • and match
  2. ordered and unordered lists

+bob was here+

Boldness is rewarded
++bob was really here++

Emphasis on Boldness

+++bob was really, really here+++

Link to external sites
Horizontal rules Horizontal rules can be inserted by placing three dashes (hyphens) --- at the very beginning of a line.
You should see a horizontal line above.
Use backticks to escape
hyperlinks are created automatically for anything with

embed: can be used to embed another wiki page's contents into the current page

A Wiki Name is a set of two or more capitalized words squished together.
viewport: can be used to view another wiki page's contents in the current page


WikiName edit Jan 10 2005 05:11:22
A Wiki Name is a set of two or more capitalized words squished together.

  //this is example code
  if (a == 1)