Job Posting Guidelines (Last Edit: Aug 26 2005 14:09:16)
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1) Post the date the position was added and title ONLY on the Front Page. Use the example below for notices on the Front Page.

+++new!+++ +August 28, 2005:+ J2EE Enterprise Architect (see JobPostings for more info)

2) A job is only considered new! for one month.

3) Use this format in placing a notice on JobPostings.

+++August 26, 2005: J2EE Enterprise Architect+++ 
Position Description: J2EE Enterprise Architect 

Location:  Carlsbad, CA

The description of the postion blah, blah, blah

3) After three months the notice is removed from Front Page and JobPostings and put in the JobPostingsArchive

4) All jobs posted on the wiki MUST be cross post on our mailing list ( following our job posting guidelines.