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Paul Hodgetts helps teams improve their software development processes using lean and agile approaches. As the founder and CEO of Agile Logic (, he has served as a trainer, coach and mentor for agile development teams for more than seven years.

Paul has successfully worked with many clients, including Yahoo!, SAP, Microsoft, Xerox, Union Pacific and a host of others, across a wide range of sectors and industries. He has been an early proponent and innovator in applying lean and agile principles to the entire software development effort. His recent focus has been on large cross-organizational adoption initiatives, and applying agile processes to large multi-product, multi-team projects, and projects in challenging enterprise, regulated and legacy environments.

Paul is a recognized expert and authority in Lean Software Development and agile development principles, practices and leading agile processes, including Scrum and Extreme Programming. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer, and actively contributes to the evolution of the Scrum process. Paul is a published author and a frequent and popular presenter at conferences, professional organizations and user groups.