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Since 1999 I have researched, prompted, questioned, and coached Agility, and I seek teams ready to benefit from this experience.

XP Coaching

This involves researching a project's topology and charter, to learn which set of XP practices to adopt. We discuss, demonstrate, and enable the practices, covering the "frequently asked questions" and the common misconceptions. Then we put the practices online and ensure they are working. The techniques generate visibility and metrics to rate a project's progress.

Legacy Test Retrofit

Code needs unit tests to enable changes. Legacy code that requires changes, and lacks unit tests, causes risk and waste. I work effectively with legacy code to isolate boundaries for testing, infiltrate light but aggressive test rigs, and tease apart dependencies, leading to rapid and predictable development. I also build test servers to provide high-level feedback and metrics.

GUI Testing

If your GUI is thin, and uses off-the-shelf tools, you need less GUI testing. However, as your GUI grows custom controls, animations, locales, and skins, it needs test-first. I research techniques that "right-size" the GUI testing effort, to adapt to its specific problems, and to provide "heads-down" development without the need to display a GUI to know it is still correct.

I have worked on some of our industries toughest problems, from bioinformatics to games, and I'm ready to help make your project easier, faster, and safer: