Rainy Day Soup And Curry Chicken Recipe (Last Edit: Feb 22 2004 02:20:29)
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This dinner prepares in ~60 minutes, using a deep pot, a frying pan, a chopping board, and a blender. It provides a zesty range of international spices, in a "comfort food" format ideal for dreary afternoons.

Start soaking in 2 cups hot water

Saute in a deep pot for 5 minutes

Add & simmer for 45 minutes


Remove the chicken from the soup, put it in a frying pan, and chop it into little bits. Put half of them back into the soup.

Chop up some of the mushrooms; leave some whole. Don't lose their black juice. Add the mushrooms, with their water, to the soup.

Blend potatoes from the soup, some chicken bits, some mushroom bits, and

Add the creamed yogurt to the soup, and turn the heat down to low.

Coat and simmer the remaining chicken in the frying pan with

Serve the soup in bowls and the curry chicken on beds of Jasmine rice.

Makes 5 servings