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If you are a supporter of bringing the XP Agile Universe conference to San Diego, leave your name and an optional comment below....

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"San Diego is full of agile models in bikinis."

June Clarke

Software Engineer/XPSD Organizer
PhlipPlumlee ( pplumlee AT cutter DOT com to you )

San Diego has some of the finest sailing and other water sports on the west coast.

San Diego: SteveGrubbs

San Diego is looking forward to your visit. I came for a visit once, and now live here with my family. This XP group is very active, awesome, and we are are looking forward to being the host city for XPAU 2005. If you have any questions about the area, the group, or life in general (smile)... please contact me.

- Michael Vizdos (michael.vizdos AT ronin-intl DOT com)

Agile Logic enthusiastically endorses and supports holding the 2005 XP Agile Universe/Agile Development Conference in San Diego, CA. We believe greater Southern California, including the nearby areas of San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and the Riverside/San Bernadino area, provides an ideal location for the conference.

In providing consulting, coaching, training and development services to the Southern California area, Agile Logic has found the agile development community to be vibrant and continuously growing. We are confident that the Southern California area will not only provide a solid support group for the conference itself, but also a large number of attendees from a wide variety of industries, government, and academia.

We've seen a growing interest in the Southern California user groups, including XP San Diego, XP So Cal (Los Angeles/Orange County), the Southern California Process Improvement Network (SPIN), and a number of technology groups such as Java and .NET user groups. Several area universities, including the University of California, Irvine, and California State University, Fullerton, have begun to offer agile development courses.

We would be proud to support and welcome the 2005 conference to San Diego!

Paul Hodgetts, CEO, Agile Logic, Inc. -- http://www.agilelogic.com

San Diego - definitely the best place for the XPAU conference. Great vacation spot with lots of high tech.