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Hello XP San Diego--

Over the past few months, the organizers of the Agile Development Conference and the organizers of XP Agile Universe have been working together in an attempt to merge the two conferences together starting in 2005. We’ve just about worked everything out and now we want to quickly select a site. We’ve short-listed it to four cities that will be considered and San Diego is one of them. I’d like to invite XP San Diego to submit a proposal on why the joint conference (name still tbd) should be held in your city. In particular we’re interested in anything you might be able to tell us about:

--the size and enthusiasm of the local community of developers (conferences need locals to help with pre-conference logistics, etc.)

--local agile-friendly companies who may be interested in sponsoring or sending employees as attendees

--facilities (what area would be right? Any specific hotels to look into or avoid?)

--fun things to do in the area

--anything else you can tell us that will help us make our decision

The proposal can take any form you desire (email, document, powerpoint, feature-length movie). If you’re interested, please send me a proposal no later than Friday, June 11 so I can circulate it. The decision will be made from information we receive from you as well as from information we get from a professional event planner who is working with us.


--Mike Cohn

Author of User Stories Applied for Agile Software Development


These are some questions I asked about the types of commitments we are expected to make. We should figure an answer to these questions for our proposal.

Q) How many locals are you going to need for pre-conference logistics?

A) Currently I am working with 8 leading people and more than likely go with 20 volunteers

Q) What type of activities will they be doing?

A) Onsite registration, working with the hotel on A/V issues, social events, local networking and onsite volunteers

Q) What type of time commitment is expected in the pre-conference stage?

A) as much as needed. I do not really know this answer. We are now in the final planning stages so we are having weekly conference calls which last about one hour.

Q) What type of commitment is required the week of the conference?

A) As much as the person wants to give...not taking anything way from the conference. Currently, all of those that volunteer get free registration.