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XPDreamTeam ( http://www.xpdreamteam.com/ ) is an internationally recognized firm specializing in Internet consulting, custom software applications, E-commerce optimization, web site development, and technology training. Since founded in 2001, XPDT staff contribute regularly to leading industry development.
XPDreamTeam has extensive experience in software development ( in particular eXtreme Programming ) and training for the major Microsoft development and platform technologies, including Windows desktop, distributed applications, reusable software components and enterprise solutions. We also have an extensive body of expertise in the .NET platform.
Pierre Huguet is the founder and partner of XPDreamTeam LLC Pierre has over 15 years of experience developing large-scale applications and more than 10 years in Windows development. Pierre is also an instructor at UCSD where he teaches the Extreme Programming Seminar. http://www.extension.ucsd.edu/courses/index.cfm?vCourse=CSE-40860