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Announcements & Reminders for XPSD

Email addresses of San Diego usergroups XPSD cross posts to each month for announcements and reminders

Directions to SAIC for announcement


The meeting will be held on the SAIC Corporate Headquarters (/SAICDirections), 10260 Campus Point Drive (a.k.a. Building C) in the fifth floor conference room, from 6PM to 8PM on Thursday, [ADD DATE]. When you arrive, please find parking on the street and check in with security in Building C before heading upstairs. If you are not a U.S. citizen you are welcome to attend and participate, but we encourage you to please read this page (/cgi-bin/wiki?InfoForNonUSCitizens) for information which will help speed you through the security check-in.

We ask everyone to please RSVP by replying to [email protected] Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at XPSanDiego!

See WhatIsXPSanDiego for a profile when inviting speakers.