XP San Diego
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XP San Diego believes all participants in software development should share a common set of values that directs their activities and interactions with each other. These values are simplicity, feedback, communication and courage. To this end we propose that all people involved in the creation of software can benefit from Agile software development and the Extreme Programming practices.

We will use the forum of XP San Diego to promote, expose and educate the San Diego County software community about the practices and values of Extreme Programming. All people involved with software development (programmers, QA, testers, independents, end users, management and analysts) are encouraged to participate in helping us reach our goals. We feel the more people who are present at our discussions, the richer and more comprehensive our understanding becomes of their roles and our own.

XP San Diego meets the first Thursday of each month to informally discuss and exchange ideas. We feel we learn best from our peers, the merely curious, active practitioners, as well as experienced consultants, when they share their skills, knowledge, concerns and experiences. We encourage everyone to participate in our monthly forums and learn something new.