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Meeting Information & Location

XP San Diego meets the first Thursday of each month to informally discuss and exchange ideas. We feel we learn best from our peers, the merely curious, active practitioners, as well as experienced consultants, when they share their skills, knowledge, concerns and experiences. We encourage everyone to participate in our monthly forums and learn something new.

XP San Diego is looking for a new home! If you can volunteer a couple of extra hours after work once a month, have a centrally located office and are willing to host about 20 people, we should get in touch. In the meantime, see our mailing list ( for more information on our meeting location.

October 7, 2008 - Special Night

Scrum in the Real World - MikeVizdos?


Unit Testing with Groovy - RyanBrunton?

Integration Testing - Speakers needed (email [email protected])

Outsourcing Panel - RomanDiaz?, RobertPryor

Job Postings

None current

(see JobPostings for more info)

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